3 Fabulous Floral Options for Your Ranch Style Wedding

If you are planning a ranch style wedding, you may be wondering what kind of floral arrangements will fit the theme. With a little creativity, you can incorporate ranch style elements into your floral designs.

Tips to Match Floral Options to Your Wedding Ranch Style

You can incorporate ranch style elements into your floral designs

The right florals can set the tone for your big day and tie the look of your special event together. Here are a few tips to succeed.

  1. Choose Rustic Blooms: To create the perfect atmosphere, choose blooms that feel rustic yet elegant. Think colorful wildflowers, deep red roses, eucalyptus branches, and natural-looking greenery. These simple, earthy tones will perfectly capture the spirit of a ranch style wedding.
  2. Incorporate Local Blooms: Local flowers are an excellent choice for a ranch style wedding. Not only do they make for great photos, but they also help to support the local economy. Look for seasonal varieties that are grown nearby and see how you can incorporate them into your wedding décor.
  3. Consider Color Scheme: Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is an important step in creating the perfect floral arrangements. Opt for a combination of neutrals, such as whites and ivories, along with bolder hues, like blues, greens, and purples. This can help you create a beautiful and cohesive look that ties into your overall wedding theme.

Most Popular Choices

The Classic Rose: When you think of a romantic, traditional wedding, you probably think of roses. This classic flower is incredibly versatile and has been used in weddings for centuries. Their large blooms and intense aroma make them a great option for centerpieces, bouquets, and other arrangements. To create a rustic atmosphere, pair your roses with wildflowers or daisies for a timeless look.

The Timeless Lily: For an elegant, yet rustic look, lilies are the perfect addition to any ranch style wedding. These fragrant flowers come in a wide range of colors, from pure white to deep purple, giving you plenty of options for mixing and matching with other types of flowers. Add pops of yellow or pink for a modern twist, or keep it simple with white and green.

The Whimsical Daisy: Add a touch of whimsy to your ranch style wedding with daisies. These cheerful flowers come in a variety of sizes and colors, and look stunning when paired with wildflowers and greenery. Use daisies to decorate tables, bouquets, and boutonnieres. With a delicate texture and airy appearance, they’re sure to bring a fun, rustic feel to your special day.

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