A Quintessential Colorado Wedding Venue With Luxury & Charm

In 2020, there were 1,267,877 weddings in the US, each costing on average about $20,000. Every day, wedding venues try to incorporate more appealing features into their business. Hence, it’s becoming harder for prospective brides and grooms to find the best wedding venue for their special day. 

Furthermore, with its astonishing and breathtaking sights, Colorado is among the greatest places on Earth to have a wedding ceremony, so the competition is fierce, and finding a perfect Colorado wedding venue is challenging. That being said, Flying Horse Ranch, with its unique characteristics, is an ideal option.

What Makes Flying Horse Ranch the Quintessential Colorado Wedding Venue

wedding and event venue at Flying Horse Ranch
Get the wedding of your dreams

Everyone has different ideas about their perfect ceremony, but there are features to look for when seeking a wedding venue. Flying Horse Ranch provides a few unique elements to make it an ideal and on-point wedding venue. 

There are 360-degree views of Colorado mountain ranges, alongside an iconic and newly restored ranch house that can be an incredible setting for taking wedding photographs and making special memories. Furthermore, the Flying Horse Ranch offers a romantic and rustic natural wood barn that’ll give the quintessential Colorado wedding venue a traditional theme.

Flying Horse’s Amenities Makes This Wedding Venue Irresistible

Flying Horse Ranch has designed its amenities so that brides and grooms cannot say no to our beautiful wedding venue. Here are some of the essential features of Flying Horse:

  • Dedicated quarters for grooms, bridal suites for relaxation, and getting ready before the big celebration
  • Creative solutions to meet the wishes and needs of guests
  • Facilitating access to exceptional local vendors, such as DJs and photographers


With all of their professional and creative staff, Flying Horse Ranch is determined to ensure that ceremonies are held beautifully, memorably, and without a hitch from start to finish in their magical Colorado wedding venue.

Flying Horse Ranch provides two options. There’s an all-inclusive package including floral designs, a fully-stocked bar, and more. Moreover, the exclusive package includes an indoor and outdoor ceremony site, adjacent parking, and an elegant bridal suite.


Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.