Aaron and Elizabeth – A Simply Beautiful Day

When we first met Elizabeth and Aaron it was easy to see the love they had for each other! They never seemed to be the kind of couple who needed a big extravagant wedding to prove their love to anybody, and they never seemed to be the kind who needed to brag about their love. It was easy to see, and feel, that these two people truly loved each other so deeply! It’s that love that made working with them a breeze!

As the wedding day approached and we learned more about them, it only became clearer how much they loved each other and their friends and family! When their rehearsal day came and we met their friends and family, we were able to see how much they were loved in return and how excited everyone was! The day was a tad gloomy and had just a hint of rain in the forecast, but we were able to prepare for their big day nonetheless! No one seemed stressed, or nervous or anxious at all, everyone seemed to be on the same page. They were all just excited to see two happily in love people say “I do”

When the wedding day came, it was warm and the sky was clear and everyone came in with big smiles and full of happiness. It came as no surprise how easily the entire day moved, the décor was set, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were ready to go, the weather was clear and beautiful! No one rushed, or panicked, nothing was missing or needed mending. It all just came together, with a special kind of ease, that could only come to a couple who loved each other with the same ease!

Dinner came and went, and the group spent plenty of time on the dance floor in celebration, and before we knew it, it was time to say goodnight and goodbye! As Elizabeth and Aaron readied for their goodbyes we took a moment to look back on the day. There weren’t many words to describe the happiness we felt on a day that was so well received. Because Elizabeth and Aaron loved each other so much, everyone was able to experience a simple and beautiful day with no bumps, hiccups, or altercations! Those are the days we truly enjoy getting to be a part of!


Aaron and Elizabeth - A Simply Beautiful Day 3 Aaron and Elizabeth - A Simply Beautiful Day 2 Aaron and Elizabeth - A Simply Beautiful Day 1


Beverage: Peak BeveragePhotography: Rudy Ortega Photography

Catering: The Food Designers

Photography: Rudy Ortega Photography

Florist: Flowers by Nikki Lee

Hair and Makeup: Captivate Beauty

DJ: Celebrity DJ

Dessert: Icing on the Cake

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