Briana and Frank Tie the Knot!

Briana and Frank Tie the Knot 2


April showers may bring May flowers, but for Briana and Frank April just happened to bring a day
centered around the love they have for each other! Flying Horse Ranch had the honor of meeting this
wonderful couple long before the big day and we were able to get to know them and the love they have
for each other and all the people in their lives!
Their day was as unique as they are and featured things like reserved seating for those they remember
lovingly, a blue and orange color scheme and even a little AC/DC! Their guests were able to have fun
dancing the night away full of delicious cake and desserts and an excellently executed dinner! Dinner
toasts highlighted just how much Briana and Frank were loved by their friends and family, and a very
special toast from Frank’s daughter highlighted how wonderful and caring he is for both his children and
his new wife!
At the end of the night, as we wrapped up and said goodbye, it seemed only fitting something would
happen worth laughing about later! As Briana and Frank made their way to their car for the night they
realized the car was locked and the keys were inside! Both made the most of the situation and used the
time to continue spending time with their wedding party and make a few jokes! They even got to use
their unique set of skills to get into the car! For us, this was one of the best parts of the night because
we got to spend just a little more time with our bride and groom and laugh alongside them!

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.