Choosing a Wedding Reception Dinner Service Style

Every to-be-wed couple will have very specific ideas about how they want their special day to be. They select the venue with care and pick every dish on the menu with attention to detail. They also plan everything from the flower arrangements and lighting, to the seating perfectly.

There is one more important thing that needs proper selection – the dinner service style! Each person will have certain preferences and an ambiance they want to create, or a theme they want to follow at their wedding, and wedding reception dinner service styles have an important role to play in this. 

Types of Table Settings and Styles

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to selecting the service style you want for your wedding reception. It’s a matter of personal preference and wedding theme. The different wedding reception dinner service styles you can consider include:

  • Sit Down Formal Dinner – In this style, all the food will be plated and served from the appetizer to the the entrée. Dessert is a separate event, and that comes later.
  • Family Style Dinner – This style has long romantic wooden tables, food on big trays, and big bowls passed around the table. It’s a casual style, and you can determine whether it works for you.
  • Buffet – If you like the idea of a buffet, but want to elevate it to be more glamorous, consider having serving stations at your wedding reception. Each station will feature a different cuisine and comes with a staff to help serve your guests. Moreover, you do not serve yourself. This encourages many dishes and works very well if there are picky eaters or people with dietary restrictions on your guest list.


As you can see, there are many different wedding reception dinner service styles to choose from. You can discuss these with your family and decide what suits them best. Regardless of the option you select, at Flying Horse Ranch, we offer delectable dishes, perfect food displays, and impeccable service for weddings.

We work with you on the menu and cater to all your special requests. Our staff aims to ensure that your special day runs as perfectly as you want it to be. They are thorough, detailed, systematic, and courteous; they will serve you and your guests with a smile. At Flying Horse Ranch, you get nothing but the best of everything you would want on your wedding day. For any more details, inquire now.

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