Considerations for Including Kids in Your Wedding

Including kids in your wedding can add a nice touch to the occasion. You can have a child be a flower girl or boy to spread petals across the aisle ahead of the bride and groom’s walk. Or, they can participate by bringing the ring over to the marrying couple. There are cute and subtle ways to include your son or daughter in the proceedings. 

However, if children aren’t participating in the ceremony, you have to find different ways to keep them entertained. This can be difficult to do, but there are ways to hold their attention, so they don’t interrupt the rhythm of the wedding. 

Children need to be kept entertained or involved during a wedding

What Should You Do To Keep Children Occupied at a Wedding?

If you decide on including kids in your wedding, you should do everything that you can to keep their attention throughout the ceremony and subsequent reception. 

Create some kid-friendly play areas with all sorts of games and activities. Though children will love to be a part of your wedding, they will likely get bored at different points of the ceremony, unawed by the adult pomp and circumstance. 

Another thing you should consider doing is hiring a babysitter. When you hire a babysitter, you allow the parents to enjoy the festivities more while taking the children inside for a rest, some treats, or some more games. 

Speaking of treats, carry as much kid-friendly food as possible to keep the little ones calm and happy. Ensure you have a few desserts handy as well. Food keeps children as entertained and occupied as anything else. Get them a small piece of the wedding cake while you’re at it, as long as it’s not too sweet! 

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