Elegant Ranch Wedding Venue with Breathtaking Wedding Photo Opportunities

An elegant ranch wedding venue can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. It offers things that you need, such as superb surroundings that offer the best photo opportunities. After all, the photos you take on this special day become the memories that will last you a lifetime.

Our ranch venue offers all this and more. We have acres and acres of space with breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. The mountains, greenery, and other indoor and outdoor areas make our ranch a great place for your elegant ranch wedding.

There are comfortable indoor spaces that become the perfect setting for your wedding reception, and we can customize everything from the table settings and floral arrangements for you. We only allow one booking per day, and this gives you the privacy and exclusivity you need. We also understand that every client will have very specific requirements, which is why we offer the best all inclusive packages.

Stunning Outdoor Spaces at the Flying Horse Ranch

wedding venue overlooking 1400 acres of Colorado landscapeThe ranch is outstanding in every way, and it’s the little surprises that make our venue so popular. You will find the perfect photo opportunities and backdrops that will elevate each photo. A wedding venue must have something special to add to the picture. Some other things that make it special include:

  • Our venue has unique spaces, colors, interesting textures that are difficult to find anywhere else in Colorado.
  • Our ranch covers over 1400 acres of stupendous land with mountain ranges and classic Colorado landscapes. The traditional, yet well-maintained and perfectly outfitted barn and ranch are no less than photo gems.
  • You can select one of our professional photographers, and we have an impressive list of reliable vendors to choose from.
  • The vendors we use are well versed with wedding photography trends and concepts and will make sure that they have the best backdrops in all your photos.
  • These skilled photographers have a good understanding of lighting effects and ensure that every photo they take is romantic, candid, and elegant.
  • You can create the kind of ambiance you want at our elegant ranch wedding. Add the elements and features you want.


For more ideas and information on how special your wedding can be, please visit our website, and check out photos in the gallery. We also urge you to schedule a tour and see for yourself how amazing our ranch is. Every space indoors and outdoors is superb and stunning, and the landscape lends itself very well to wedding photography for those sweet and romantic memories of your special day.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.