Fun Ideas for a Ranch Wedding

A ranch wedding is a unique and enjoyable experience for an aspiring bride and groom looking to divert from the norm. Church weddings are commonplace and, as good as garden weddings can be, ranches are even better outdoor spaces to host a ceremony. Ranches provide you and your spouse-to-be with more space, friendly animals, and other nuances that differ from the typical wedding day. 

There are fun ideas for a ranch wedding that you can use to make this different kind of experience more profound. As big as the occasion is, you don’t need to be overly elaborate to give it that added importance. Sometimes the simple things can make for the most riveting ideas. 

What Can You Include?

Couples can be so wrapped up in making great memories for all the guests that they forget to include fun elements that will make for amazing moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

One of the most fun ideas for a ranch wedding is to include a guest book. The book allows guests to offer warm wishes, support, or even send fun messages to make the couple feel the love on this special day. A guest book encourages interaction from all in attendance, making them feel involved throughout the proceedings. It will make for some intriguing reading at the reception or on the honeymoon. 

You can also set up a video confessional booth so that guests can voice their thoughts on your wedding day rather than write them. Alternatively, you can hire a videographer to capture the thoughts of interested guests, giving well wishes and personal speeches that make for intriguing viewing after you’ve tied the knot. 

Make a standout occasion like a ranch wedding all the more unique

Alternative Options

If you want something a little different from video and photos, you can build a ‘well wishes’ well for guests to leave notes or hang up notes that others can see and read, creating inspiration throughout the night. These will be great takeaways for the couple to read the next day.

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