Having an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you have been searching for a location for your wedding that will soon become a family destination, you are in luck. The Flying Horse Ranch, located in Colorado, is an exploding wedding venue for a unique event that many couples have dreamed of. It is the perfect location for an outdoor wedding ceremony, a reception, a corporate function, or other gatherings with friends and family.

Why Outdoors?

An essential part of any wedding is often the ceremony and the food, but the beauty of an outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be limited to the reception. Planning an outdoor ceremony means you can avoid the constraints of a traditional indoor setting, and if you want to customize your event, there are plenty of ways to make it unique.

Dont forget about the seating arrangement for the outdoor wedding ceremony

What to Consider for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Here are the most important considerations for an outdoor wedding ceremony at a ranch wedding venue:

  1. Be prepared for the weather. Have a plan B in case the weather doesn’t pan out. Consider alternate locations at our ranch-style wedding venue to have the ceremony. Or, take the weather as it comes if you want to have the ceremony outside and be well prepared with tents.
  2. Have blankets and umbrellas. Make sure your guests know that the event is taking place outside.
  3. Consider your footwear. Indeed, heels can be tough on grassy grounds! 
  4. Build a ceremony arch that will make a beautiful and complementary accent to the acres of rolling hills and fields surrounding the ranch wedding venue.
  5. Consider audio equipment so that every guest can hear your vows in case of wind or the natural sounds of nature.


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