How to Modernize a Rustic Barn Wedding

A modern wedding and a rustic barn wedding have long been popular wedding themes. So it was no surprise to us when we saw couples combining these two themes! A modern rustic barn wedding is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your exquisite preferences in a warm and inviting setting. 

How Can You Modernize a Rustic Barn Wedding? Work With Local Vendors!

wedding and event venue at beautiful equestrian ranch in Colorado
Dont forget to consider the locations many backdrops for photo opportunities

Local barns are an excellent place for weddings. Such a suitable wedding venue saves you long trips and contributes to the community. Local barns have been welcoming and working with couples for many years to organize their weddings; they have a lot of experience, dedication, and practical knowledge. In addition, local barns are usually members of a larger, supportive local community. They have many creative connections, from a top-notch florist with a cut flower garden right across the street, to a wedding cake caterer.

Modern Decoration for Your Rustic Barn Wedding

You’re in luck if your rustic barn wedding venue has a vaulted or beamed ceiling. This is the perfect time to decorate the ceiling with something unique that fits your theme. Pennants, ribbons, and fairy lights are all fantastic choices. It’s easy to choose colors that match your theme, and they make a significant impact on your budget.

One downside to a barn wedding is that it can be gloomy, especially if the wedding is in a historic building. Nothing is more romantic than candlelight to bring life to a gloomy setting. If your venue does not allow open flames, lanterns can be a safe and effective alternative. Use garland lights if you can not use candles at all! Garland lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will add a modern touch to your décor.

Make the most of your pillars or columns and vaulted ceilings if your barn has them. Fresh flowers are probably too expensive, so we recommend wrapping columns and chandeliers with artificial flowers and greenery. Ivy is suitable for all seasons and gives a pleasant accent of color.

If you’re interested in an all-inclusive rustic barn wedding or an exclusive package, you can arrange a venue tour and start planning your perfect day. Just get in touch with us at Flying Horse Ranch today.

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