Latest Floral Wedding Trends

Flowers are one of the most essential elements or accessories in every wedding. They are used to decorate the venue entrance and interiors, placed on tables, and the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids posies too. Since wedding trends have undergone a change during the pandemic, wedding floral trends have changed as well.

Wedding guest lists are shrinking, but it is still a special day, and couples want something interesting and unique for it. Since there are fewer guests, it reduces the amount couples have to spend on the venue, food, photography, and rentals, which means it becomes possible to splurge on some other aspects like floral arrangements to make the day special.

Latest Flower Trends This Year?

Flowers are one of the most essential elements in every wedding

Each year there is some change in how people celebrate their big day, and wedding floral trends change accordingly. However, it isn’t uncommon for people to be unsure about which flowers would work best for their wedding. You can discuss your requirements with the vendor handling this task and get their input on the matter.

They are knowledgeable and will be able to provide you advice and help in picking the best flowers. Depending on where you are conducting your wedding, you will be able to opt for an all-inclusive package  which factors in the various flowers you need for your wedding. Some wedding floral trends in 2012 are:

  • Pick flowers that sync with any wedding theme and décor.
  • Opt for floral arches to compliment your venue. Have fun with a mixed color palette – include soft and bold shades and ask your florist to use loosely structured shapes in the arrangements. This will add a whimsical and fresh look to the décor rather than a formal one.
  • Statement bouquets are trending, and these don’t really have to be massive at all. Just pick the right flowers and make sure that the arrangement reflects your venue theme, bridal style, and personality.
  • Many people like to conduct their weddings in outdoor settings, and low centerpieces fit in well with this trend.
  • Include a range of impressive blooms and create lush arrangements.
  • Rose gold, pink, white, and golden are some wedding color theme trends. You can pick flowers that match these color palettes, like gypsophila, white anemone, white roses, and dahlias. Calla lilies and hydrangeas are other popular flowers this year.
  • Monochromatic floral arrangements are no longer in, and the trends lean more towards fun and energetic settings.


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