Lauren and Scott say “I Do!”

On May 12th with the sun resting happily in the sky and not a cloud in sight, The Ranch began preparation for what was sure to be a wonderful day! In between tables and chairs being set up, and decorations being placed Lauren and Scott prepared for their “I Do”

Everywhere you looked there was another touch that reminded us how much these kind people loved each other, and the Ranch House was filled with the excitement of wedding day! As we set out navy and burlap and coral decorations we watched as Lauren’s hair and makeup were done. We watched as Scott joked with his friends and put on his suit.

Before we knew it, guests were arriving and it was time to gather the wedding party together. As they made their way from the house down to the barn, to eagerly wait for Lauren, anticipation filled the room. As Lauren made her grand entrance, you could easily see how much love Scott had for her and how emotional the day was for the both of them. They shared beautiful vows, promised a life together and headed back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Beasley! Then they set off to take pictures uniquely their own with a horse named June while guests went to enjoy appetizers.

When everyone was set and ready for dinner we were finally able to announce the newlyweds as just that. As they made their entrance across the catwalk and down the stairs our ballroom was filled with applause and cheers. Clearly, everyone was excited for the two to begin their lives together! After dinner, it was time for touching and heartfelt toasts, and on to dancing. Everyone danced into the night, laughing, moving and chatting about the love this couple had for one another. As they made their exit Scott and Lauren were all smiles from ear to ear, and it was a wonderful way to say goodnight to a beautiful wedding!

Lauren and Scott say I Do

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.