Rustic and Refined Barnyard Wedding

Many couples want their wedding to be a unique event. They select interesting venues and plan every little detail meticulously. When it comes to venue selection and the theme, organic and rustic weddings are becoming very popular today. If this is what you prefer, you should consider a barnyard wedding. We offer customized wedding packages and ensure that all the aspects of your big day are planned perfectly.

A barnyard wedding may seem like a simple affair, but a significant amount of planning goes into it. We make it special and offer refined rustic wedding rentals from our approved vendors. Many beautiful details bring the venue to life and help create a theme that is simplistic, yet sensational. The organic and natural décor concepts help create a unique ambience at the wedding venue.

Unique Elements of a Wedding at The Flying Horse

Many things make a barnyard wedding at our property a fascinating experience, such as:

Many things make a barnyard wedding at our property a fascinating experience
  • We have an impressive barn area that is the perfect mix of an indoor and outdoor area.
  • You can select table settings and seating options to match the venue.
  • Incorporate seasonal flowers to add a pop of color to the indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Family style seating is great for weddings.
  • The open floor plan at the Flying Horse Ranch barn creates a spacious look and allows your guests to move around freely as well.
  • An open-air patio helps to create a refreshing atmosphere.
  • We also have cattle & horses on our property, and can plan equestrian events for you based on your needs.
  • The beautiful market lighting and stone fireplace are just perfect to complete the theme.

Customized Wedding Planning Services

You can use this barn either for your wedding ceremony or for the reception and will find that it lends itself beautifully to all types of events. Since every couple has certain ideas about how they want various aspects of their wedding, the experts at Flying Horse take the time and trouble to help you plan everything.

We offer suggestions and provide input so that you can make the right choices based on your needs, preferences, and budget. We make wedding planning easy, and the rustic and organic settings lend to the occasion that unique touch to-be-wed couples look for.

We offer a range of services and wedding planning packages, and you can find all this information on our website. Discuss your requirements with the Flying Horse Ranch team.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.