Simple and Elegant Wedding Cake Trends for 2021

Wedding trends undergo a change with every passing year, but no matter the type of trend you choose, a wedding cake is an integral part of this occasion. Of course, cakes are also very different from what they used to be. The current pandemic has changed the way people celebrate special occasions like weddings, and wedding cake trends in 2021 reflect this.

Changing Wedding Cake Trends

Personality and intentionality are the driving factors behind wedding cake trends. Couples no longer have elaborate parties, and micro-weddings and mini-ceremonies are in. While guest list sizes have decreased significantly, most people’s budgets have not undergone as much change.

It means that couples can still have unique elements at their weddings and focus on stunning locations, entertainment, décor, and food. Here we look at some changing wedding cake trends of 2021:beautiful wedding venue on amazing ranch in Colorado

  • People are moving away from the classic white tiered wedding cakes towards more fun and whimsical cakes.
  • They are using more color and playing with shapes.
  • Some couples are supplementing the wedding cake with personalized mini desserts served at well-decorated dessert stations.
  • Minimal decorations are in.
  • The focus is on creating beautiful, exquisite cakes rather than pristine, white, snowflake-like ones.
  • The idea is to have an elegant yet simple cake that will still be outstanding without being over-the-top.
  • With intimate gatherings more on-trend, there’s no need for the couple to invest in elaborate, multi-tier confections. It’s why double-layered, small-cutting cakes are becoming more popular now. Single-tier cakes and micro-wedding cakes are in high demand.

How to Get the Best Wedding Cakes

When you are planning your wedding, it’s a good idea to hire the services of a caterer that are able to offer all services, including food and cake supply, and more. At Flying Horse Ranch, we like our clients to have the most fantastic experience, with the least amount of hassle. It’s why we give you the option to pick an Exclusive Wedding Package customized to your needs. You can select the services you need and the type of menu and wedding cake you want. We also offer an All Inclusive Package that becomes a great way to ensure that you get the amenities and services you want within your budget. You can discuss your requirements with our team. Work with our reliable third-party vendors to understand what the latest wedding cake trends are before deciding what type of cake you want for your special day.

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