Spring Wedding Floral Trends to Incorporate

Covid might have changed a lot of wedding trends, but if one of them remained constant, it was the wedding bouquet. Fresh flowers have always been a part of our celebrations, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere soon. Spring is about to begin, and we’ve been talking to florists to compile these spring wedding floral trends for 2022.

Continue reading to find out what’s new and repeating from the past years.

The Succulent Allure

Succulents are the best option for couples with eco-friendliness as their wedding theme. They add texture to centerpieces and go very well with simple color tones.

Bold Statements

Preparing for a Romantic Spring Wedding
Choose the best spring wedding floral option

Bold colors made a comeback in 2021, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Bright reds, oranges, pinks, and purples are going to be all the rage this spring season.

Earthy Hues

According to the florists, muddy hues are one of the most commonly selected wedding themes. Mauve, sunset, amber, and rust tones will replace solid colors.

Enormous Florals

It’s not just the celebrities who go all out with larger-than-life floral arrangements. Full floral archways, suspended abstract designs, and heavy backdrops are making their way into weddings this spring.

Fluorescent Pastels

Very Peri is voted Pantone’s Color of 2022. This has made way for selecting multi-color palettes for floral arrangements. Favorite colors include pale pink, soft blues, buttery yellow, peach, and purple. You can even add a hint of bright tones like periwinkle or lilac to add a dramatic effect to the otherwise subtle theme.

Ranch it Up

The country brides look forward to getting married on a ranch someday. Incorporating the flowers from deserts, such as cacti and wildflowers, will add an eclectic look to your overall theme and bouquets.

Final Consideration

Social media has promoted the trend to outdo others and wow your friends and family by having an Insta-worthy wedding. From bouquets to boutonnieres to backdrops, these spring wedding floral trends and ideas will help you organize the wedding of your dreams.

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