Sustainable Wedding Trends for Eco-Conscious Couples

While it’s true that many weddings are all about excessive and elaborate decorations and arrangements, an interesting new trend has emerged – people are now looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable options while planning their special day.

They want to carry this concept through into various aspects of their wedding ceremony and reception dinner. At the Flying Horse Ranch, we always focus on customization and personalization. It’s one aspect that distinguishes us from other wedding venues in Colorado. We have an unbeatable location with thousands of acres of land.

This venue has interesting indoor and outdoor settings, and you can create unique themes here. You can take the barn style rustic wedding concept a step further by following these sustainable environmental wedding trends: 

Sustainable Environmental Wedding Trends 

These are some trends to consider when following an eco-friendly wedding concept or theme:

  • outdoor wedding at the Venue of Flying Horse Ranch ColoradoOrganic Decorations – Look for a venue that has inherently charming décor, like our superb wedding venue with 14,000 sq. ft. ranch spaces. There is a rustic wooden barn with acres of panoramic mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. It means you need far less décor, which creates less of a mess.
  • Plants, Not Flowers – Using plants rather than cut flowers and bouquets for decoration and various table arrangements is the eco-friendly and sustainable option. You can also work with your chosen florist on taking advantage of various flowers that may be going out of season. You can include those in your decorations rather than allowing them to go waste.
  • Upcycling – Emphasize more on the something borrowed and something old concept. Upcycle things you have; give them a new form and create something new and unique. It’s a more environmentally friendly option than adding entirely new décor and embellishments.
  • Work With Local Vendors – Opt for the services of local vendors that deal with local and seasonal products. This will help cut down on your carbon footprint while selecting the menu, liquors, desserts, and more.


As you can see, you can do many different things to follow sustainable environmental wedding trends on your special day. We are here to help you organize the things you want, and offer all-inclusive wedding packages or exclusive wedding packages that allow you to choose as per your needs. We have reliable, local vendors that can help with everything from planning the menu to organizing the floral arrangements, lighting, and more. If you want a sustainable, you are at the right place! We understand these wedding concepts well, and our team will manage every little thing down to the last detail.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.