Tips to Timing Important Wedding Day Elements on Your Big Day

When it comes to getting everything perfect on the big day, you must consider many aspects. From the ceremony to the final moments, there are tons of different logistic and procedural steps that need to be taken. That’s why the planning process begins so far in advance and why wedding planners are so often hired to oversee the process. But achieving your dream wedding day requires more than just planning; it needs balance.

The best weddings are those where perfect timing is balanced by spontaneous moments that make things that much more interesting. From allowing time for impromptu dance parties to encouraging guest speeches and performances, there is a certain art to timing important wedding day elements. By investing in a comprehensive, exclusive wedding package, you can make sure that you are able to achieve this ideal balance.

Perfectly Timing Important Wedding Day Elements

Timing important wedding day elements is key to achieving a balance of spontaneity and structure

Before you can create those spontaneous moments of magic, you need to make sure that you leave enough time for all of the staple wedding events. Here are the events that need to be timed given ample time:

  • Wedding Party Preparation
  • Guest Arrival
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Speeches
  • Celebration


While the duration of time for each of these stages will vary from wedding to wedding, what’s important is that they are all given the right amount of time for completion — not too long that people begin to get restless, but not too short that it feels rushed and the important spontaneous moments are missed. By carrying out all the parts of a wedding within the same all-inclusive setting, you ensure that there’s no need for travel or other time-wasters between each segment. This provides an optimal experience for visitors and makes sure the moment is as magical as possible for you and your significant other.

Plan Your Perfectly-Timed Wedding Today!

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