Unique Floral Ideas For Your Wedding

Flowers add personality to any occasion, most of all, a wedding. Floral arrangements at a wedding reflect romance, tenderness, and all the positive, sensitive traits that show on such a special day. They not only signify what love should look like, but they also reflect happiness and encourage warmth from the family and friends in attendance. 

If you’re looking for some unique floral ideas for your wedding, here are a few to consider to give it that once-in-a-lifetime feeling it deserves. 

Enhance the Ambiance 

You should decorate your flowers, plants, bushes, and trees as best as you can to accentuate the ranch-style ambiance that your wedding takes place in. Another good idea is to use trees that are native to the area and aesthetically pleasing. 

Flowers for the Guests 

To make your guests feel extra special on such a massive occasion, you should provide individual boutiques and flowers for each of them. This gives your guests a memento to take home aside from a piece of the wedding cake. It’s a pretty and unique takeaway from a ranch style wedding that will make guests smile for the foreseeable future. 

You can add a variety of floral arrangements or use petals to sparkle a wedding day

Flower Petals 

The flower girl doesn’t have to be the only person throwing down flower petals while walking down the aisle ahead of the bride and groom. After the ceremony ends, guests can throw flower petals over the couple to celebrate their nuptials as they exit the aisle. 

Whether it’s the petals or floral arrangements, everything flower-related should have popping color schemes and vibrancy. A wedding is one of the biggest life moments, and anything that plays up the joyfulness of the occasion should have good colors. 

Remember these unique floral ideas for your wedding ahead of your big day. Check out our exclusive- or all-inclusive wedding packages and make your ranch wedding one to remember.

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