Wedding Venue with Mountain Views and Open Skies

When one thinks of an outdoor wedding, one thing that comes to mind is perfect ideal weather. It’s usually not a chilly winter’s day that comes to mind, but a crisp spring day, not too hot and not too cold. However, in many ways, winter weddings are hugely underrated. Of course, they do need extra preparation to ensure attendees are warm enough. A winter wedding with an aesthetic view from the venue can be just as memorable, if not more, as one on a clear spring day.

Perks of an Outdoor Winter Wedding

A-Glittery-Winter-Wedding-4Winter weddings have many positives that make them particularly special. In winter, wedding venues can be decorated to create a cozy atmosphere. This can encourage guests to stay longer in the warmth of the space. A spectacular view such as a wedding venue with mountain views can make the event all the more special.

Additionally, there are flower options available in the wintertime that are hard to come by in the other months. Flowers such as paperwhites, astrantia, and anemones bloom only during the winter months and are a stunning choice for weddings.

Since winter weddings are generally way less popular for outdoor weddings, they are also much more affordable. A couple could potentially save on the venue itself and spend more on elements like decoration and entertainment. Even a wedding venue with mountain views, which would normally be the hotspot for weddings, is likely to be available to book in wintertime.

Keeping the Guests Warm

A warm, cozy aesthetic can be curated using fall foliage or incorporating blankets in the décor. The menu is also a great way to ensure the guests can warm themselves. Hot beverages and soups are a great addition to a winter wedding menu. Fire pits can also be exciting editions to enhance the aesthetic of the space and invite the guests to stay longer.

The opportunity to host an outdoor wedding in winter should not be missed. A scenic view of mountains and open skies can make your memorable day extremely enjoyable for you and your guests. 

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