Wedding Venue with Room for Both Ceremony and Reception

Are you planning on getting married this year? Finding the right wedding venue is no easy task. 

That’s why you might want to book an appointment to consult with local wedding specialists. Once you have checked for the availability of the services of a venue, make sure you book a wedding venue with enough space for every item in the wedding’s itinerary, including all of the following elements to include at the wedding:

  1. Ceremony
  2. Reception
  3. First Dance
  4. Welcoming Cocktails
  5. Getting Ready

Making a Choice

To find the best wedding venue for your needs, you need to consider what you want. Do you want to have a small intimate wedding with your loved ones and other close family and friends? Do you want a big party with hundreds of people? A venue may have the largest dance floor in the state, but if you want a small intimate wedding, it may be a struggle to find a wedding venue of the perfect size.

The Wedding Venue for 2021

Great weather and other factors beyond our control may cause your wedding day to be delayed, but you will want to relax and enjoy the special day once you get there. The venue of choice for most people is a church or a hotel, but you should look into Flying Horse Ranch if you want to take your wedding in another direction.

Flying Horse Ranch has several gorgeous locations to stage different elements of your dream wedding. No rushing from venue to venue for the ceremony and the reception. Invite your closest 200 family and friends. Take advantage of a luxurious wedding venue with a cozy rustic elegant charm, but room enough to create a spectacular wedding extravaganza.

Contact Flying Horse Ranch to learn about our all-inclusive wedding package.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.