2017 Calving Season

What do winters consist of at Flying Horse Ranch you ask? Here is a little insight on our 2017 calving season… As of December 3rd, we had our first calf of the 2017 calving season here on the ranch. We were not scheduled to start until the first part of February so he was a surprise for us! Then about a month later, on January 3rd, we had another surprise of a calf born! Those two calves are doing well and of course are older than the rest. As of February 2nd, we officially started calving! First thing every morning we are up bright and early tagging calves, making sure everything looks good for the day, then start feeding hay for the cows to eat and the calves to bed down comfortably. We check every three hours clear through the night as well to be there if assistance is needed.

As of today, March 7thth, we have a total of 130 healthy calves on the ground with approximately 34 cows left to calve this year. We have been very blessed with the weather up here even though we had a couple cold spells roll through. With about few weeks left of this year’s calving season, we will continue to work hard to ensure the health of not only the calves but the cows as well!

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Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.