Elegant and Rustic Ranch Wedding Venue

What to look for when you choose a rustic ranch wedding venue? Consider looking for something elegant and rustic to make your special day even better. You can ensure that you’re making memories to last a lifetime by choosing the perfect location for your friends and family to celebrate your union.

7 Things Your Venue Needs

A ranch makes a great venue
  1. Does the scenery and outdoor photo opportunities live up to your expectations? When you envision your wedding backdrop, what type of landscape do you see? Rolling fields and pasture, Colorado wildlife, a rustic barn and ranch house newly renovated, mountains, forests, etc.
  2. Is the rustic ranch wedding venue affordable? Many venues have a high cost due to their location. However, there are many beautiful options for those with a modest budget as well.
  3. How far is the elegant rustic ranch from your wedding guests’ accommodations and dinner reception venue? If you have out-of-town guests or your onsite caterer has a limited menu, you will need a venue that is a reasonable travel distance for your guests.
  4. Will the ranch accommodate your unique wedding plans? If you have out-of-town guests or your onsite caterer has a limited menu, you will need a venue that is accessible and needs minimal transportation to accommodate your guest’s needs.
  5. How much does a wedding cost? If you have a modest budget or a larger budget, then you will need to compare the costs of the venues that are within your price range during peak and non-peak seasons of the year.
  6. What amenities come with your wedding venue? Venues vary from all-inclusive to no-frills. If you need a more detailed wedding site inspection before you select a venue, then the better question to ask is what amenities come with a wedding in that location.
  7. What are your timeline needs? If you want an outdoor ceremony and it’s going to be raining, can the venue offer an indoor backup plan? A ranch should always have a backup plan.


Here at Flying Horse Ranch, we’re committed to bringing you the best wedding experience possible. Visit our website to learn more about our venue.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.