Timeless Ranch Style Wedding Venue with Modern Amenities

What type of wedding can be better than timeless ranch style weddings? A touch of rural décor with modern decorations can result in a breathing wedding venue for you. Plus, ranch style weddings can never be out of fashion!

How Can You Prepare a Ranch Style Wedding Venue?

First of all, check if you have enough space to accommodate all of your guests. The ranch style wedding venue should be airy, so make sure that the venue doesn’t get stuffy with many guests.

With that done, check if the ranch has access to water and a kitchen. Food is a crucial element of a wedding, so you will need a constant water supply in the kitchen.

Get your timeless ranch style wedding venue customized

Check if there are several restrooms at the venue. You can’t have your guests lining up uncomfortably in front of a washroom and waiting for their turn.

To create a lively atmosphere, add a lot of flowers and lights at the venue. Check if there is a proper supply of electricity. You can give a vintage touch to your ranch style wedding venue by adding antique items. Display custom-made welcome signs and menus to give a personalized feeling.

Have drapes! You can never go wrong with elegant drapes. Match your draping with the flowers that you have used to give an aesthetic touch to the venue.

You can also have some music playing in the background or even have a live band performance! But make sure there is a good sound system installed at the ranch. Check for unnecessary echoes that might disturb the people. It’s always advisable to have a test performance at the venue to check if things are going smoothly or not.

Pay extra heed to your entrance as it is what the guests notice first. Set up tall flower vases to give an artistic touch.

Keep a simple seasonal menu with cocktails to retain the casual atmosphere of a ranch.

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