Four Wedding Venue Essentials

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special. It’s why they look for a wedding venue that appeals to them and fits their needs. While there is no shortage of these in the region, very few are as unique and charming as The Flying Horse Ranch. With us, you get everything that you need to make your wedding day a success.

Four Things that a Wedding Venue Must Have

Our team perfectly coordinates orchestrates everything so you and your guest enjoy a memorable time

Here we look at the essentials:

1. It’s important that the wedding venue have multiple locations within the property; that helps to make the occasion and event more interesting. There should be a mix and match of indoor and outdoor spaces that can be used at different times of the day as per your liking.

At the Ranch, you can have a cocktail hour in the wraparound veranda. The ceremony can be held in the barn that has a rustic and organic ambiance and the reception can be housed in the 14,000 square foot newly renovated ranch house. Variety of locations to make event more interesting.

2. Our hands-on staff is attentive, professional, courteous, and well trained, which means every part of the day runs in a glitch-free manner. Everything is perfectly coordinated and orchestrated so that you and your guests have the best and most memorable experience.

3. We know that there are many things that go into a successful event, and for that, you need the right vendors. With us, you have access to the best local vendors for everything ranging from food, drink, entertainment, lighting, décor, and more. Regardless of how you envisioned your wedding to be, we will make it even more special.

4.  Our property is unique in many other ways as well. The breathtaking scenery offers views and photo opportunities that are the best. The outdoor spaces are expansive and invigorating, perfect for the ceremony. The indoors can be used for the reception dinner if you prefer a more controlled space.

We have catered to many weddings and other special events, and have all that it takes to offer the best services to our clients. Very few other wedding venues in the region can boast about all the services, elegant spaces, and indoor and outdoor settings that we at Flying Horse Ranch have. Every aspect will be customized so that you have the most delightful experience. Our team is here to help you with all the information you need to make the right choices.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.