Renee and Jon: Love at the End of a Rainbow

When you plan your wedding day, you plan for it to be a beautiful day with your friends and family, you plan for a celebration of love, but you never really plan for rain. Renee and Jon planned for a beautiful outdoor ceremony on our barn patio and they were excited to share the day with the people who matter most to them, they created seating arrangements and picked flowers, they anticipated their “I do’s” and they found the perfect bridesmaids and groomsmen. They got a much different day.

The day started sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky. The chairs were set outside, the arch was decorated and the guests arrived. As the ceremony began, the clouds slowly started rolling in. While Renee and Jon promised their lives to each other, we were checking the forecast to see that rain was coming in…but that all the outdoor activities should go unaffected! As predicted we finished their ceremony, and their guests went on to the cocktail hour outside while the happy newlyweds went off to take photos. Once we brought everyone inside for dinner, the weather turned dark and breezy and the rain rolled in. Just as the Best Man stood up to give his toast the bride and groom lightning struck and for a brief moment the power went out. The timing couldn’t have been more humorous, and the power returned just after a round of laughter, to allow 3 heartfelt toasts! While the rain came back off and on through dinner and toasting, it started to let up when it was time for dancing, and the sky opened up to a beautiful scene

Renee and Jon were able to slip outside for a few photos with a bright rainbow as their backdrop and happily joined dancing knowing that they were guaranteed some pretty amazing photos of all weather! And while it may not have been the day that was originally planned, they were lucky enough to get pictures in the rain, the sunshine and even with a rainbow to remember the day by!

Unfortunately, at this time we are not providing tours of our ranch.